new phone. who dis?

Hi! I’m pretty excited you’re here! It means curiosity got that best of you ;) and I’m glad it did. When you’re done getting to know a little more about me, head over to connect and let’s make it official.

It all started when…

I figured out branding was more than just making pretty things. While in college, I kept asking why, which eventually lead me to finishing with two degrees, one in Communication Studies, and one in Graphic Design with a minor in Photography.

Now with ten+ years of creative execution as a designer/photographer and five of those bleeding into the marketing world of brand messaging, I’ve learned how to streamline communication between creative and marketing teams, bridge gaps between brand and consumer, and most importantly, I’ve become a great listener. I always start with why. Thanks Simon Sinek. Eventually, that brings me to the core of what inspires better team collaboration, so together we can deliver a consistent brand message that speaks to your audience, not for your audience. I love that! I live for connecting people with creative solutions and having a blast in the process.

I’m a natural problem solver (OK, maybe not when it comes to math) but brainstorming creatively with a team who all have a different perspectives, yep! That’s one of my favorite things to do.


Well, let’s just grab a coffee :)