A brand is only as powerful as the people behind it.


Listen. Explore.

Hi, I’m Kelli. A creative consultant and facilitator of brand experiences.

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We are surrounded by brands, influenced by how they represent us, defined by what they stand for, and inspired by how they shape our community. It's the reason we drive a little further to a certain store, why we order from a certain online shop, why we use certain products, and dine at certain restaurants. 

We love them like people. When they miss the mark, we get disappointed. When they change, we adjust or move on. Brand personalities and human personalities aren’t that different. They need to be raised, fine-tuned and polished before being thrown to the masses.

The idea is to shift the concept of branding away from a sellers mindset and focus more on crafting memorable experiences. Then those who interact with your brand begin to become your brand.

Be the experience they want to share. Be the product they can’t live without. Listen to your audience. They’re already answering the question for you. A brand is only as powerful as the people behind it.